Connect with Technology!

We are happy to add some additional power-ups to this year’s summit for those of you who are more technically savvy. Check out these added ways you can enhance your Summit experience with technology!


Perhaps the easiest method to interact with those attendees with Twitter accounts is to follow and converse using this year’s conference hashtag #MLRevSummit16 in your preferred Twitter client. Easy Peasy!

Charging Station

We have noticed in past summit events that many of you are in a scramble to charge your mobile devices during the sessions (especially on the last day, prior to departing for the airport). To address this issue of outlet-seeking frenzy in the main session room, we will have a table dedicated as a charging station with some dedicated power strips to top up your batteries while you enjoy the sessions. Be sure to bring your charging connector cable specific to your device(s) to plug in and you’re good to go!

Mobile App

Have an Apple or Android-based mobile device? You can download the free Yapp mobile app to join in with our conference community and partake in the Summit buzz. Access a live summit agenda, check out speaker profiles and keep up with your fellow attendees.

Download this PDF for instructions on installing the Revenue Summit mobile app from Yapp.

While there are lots more features to the app, we’ll leave them to your sense of curiousity and personal exploration to become more familiar with between now and the conference. If you get stuck or need assistance, again please feel free to contact us for help.




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